News Item: Jabatan Bomba Dan Penyelamat KL stages an almost real drill via a mock-up shocking pile up
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Thursday, 05 February 2009

(Feb 4, Kuala Lumpur) A shocking pile up involving 5 vehicles has occured at the East-West Link Expressway on the 10th day of the Chinese New Year, 2 were seriously injured and I suffered slight injury, while 3 other people were warded after they inhaled too much chemical.

On first look, this traffic accident has occured at km2.8 of Petaling bound inverse direction of the East-West Link Expressway at 10am, the vehicles involved were 2 sedans, a tanker trucked loaded with 200 litres of petrol, a lorry carrying chemical and a large truck.

The first accident has occured near the left lane of East-West Link Expressway toll plaza where two sedans have collided, the driver and passenger were trapped inside the second car, while the driver of the first car was seriously injured as his neck has suffered big impact.

The highway company, MHA, fire engines, traffic police, Petronas emergency rescue team and MISC Logistic's emergency rescue team have arrived at the scene within 5 minutes, at the same time, helicopter was also deployed to ferry the injured to the HUKM nearby.

As the scene is at the Cheras towards Petaling direction toll plaza which has high traffic flow, the traffic police has to block vehicles at the toll plaza to facilitate rescue actions.

Meanwhile, in another pile up, a lorry carrying chemical has skidded off the left lane to avoid the first accident and rammed into a tanker truck loaded with 2000 litres of petrol.

After the collision, the tanker truck has spilled large quantity of petrol. The driver has escaped immediately to call the highway company; while another logistic truck behind has rammed into the chemical lorry due to faulty brake. The rear wheel of the logistic truck had caught fire due to over braking.

Although nobody has injured in this accident, the chemical lorry driver has fainted after inhalling too much chemical when he alighted to check the situation, while 2 passerby have also fainted after inhaling too much chemicle when they try to rescue the driver.

Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat has rushed to scene within 5 minutes after it was informed and sent out its special emergency firemen and rescuers to deal with the fuel and chemical spill.

Close to 100 people have surrounded the scene, Jabatan Bomba has deployed chain saw and remote control helicopter to monitor the scene and also 110 firemen and rescuers in the shocking pile up.

At the scene of the drill were DG of Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat KL Encik Hamdan, Central region DG of MHA, officer of MISC Logistics Encik Mokhtar and about 250 rescuers and reserved personnel.

Hamdan: Accumulate experience experience to enhance handling ability

Hamdan, the purpose of the drill is to let all units involved understand their responsibilities, roles during similar accident, so as to gain experience, learn about response and rescue procedures and to reduce the casualty.

"After being informed, our standad time to leave Balai Bomba is 1 minute, however, as road situation is not within our control, therefore we are unable to predict the time taken to reach at the scene."

Zarato said, they will complete the drill report within 2 weeks and all units involved and response procedures will be recorded.

"At least we now know which units to contact after having the accident under control, and improve our internal response efficiency."

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